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It's hard for a student, because when you live at home your parents care about you. In addition, they love you and know from birth. When you become a student and move to another town you are starting an independent life, responsible for yourself and care about yourself. And when you come to a hostel you never know who will be your neighbor. It's important to have a good relations with a neighbor, because you will see him every day, and you have to agree on many things. Of course, everyone is different and maybe you'll be surprised. The surprise can be pleasant or not. Next, I will give an example of the most important qualities of a neighbor for me.

One of the main qualities of a neighbor is it friendliness. Hard to start a relationship with someone, when he is ready to start a conflict.

The second important quality of a neighbor is integrity. This quality neighbor will allow you to not worry about your money, technology and other things. There are criminal cases if your neighbor has a bad upbringing or living in a dysfunctional family.

Not less important is the cleanliness. Neat neighbor will help to create order in the room and a homely a tmosphere. You will want to return to your cozy room provided that you like to live in purity.

Another very important quality of this is it care. This neighbor will not make noise if you have a headache or have a party if you are tired and want to sleep.

In my opinion I have listed the most important qualities of a good neighbor. There may be more, but it depends on the person. If you like fun you like to live with sociable and active person. If you love peace, then you will be comfortable with a quiet neighbor. I think it is better just to live with a neighbor, who is like you, then you will have a lot in common and the neighborhood will become a friendship.

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